Sit with me, lets talk about our twisted faith and be grateful for that.

Finishing this took me for hours and skipping lunch. Kinna like the way it turns out. But gotta practice more on that face !

Planning on making some fashion illustration for one full collection. Hopefully I can get it done. whoop whoop.

Daily blog: 20 February 2014-Mostly in bed

Hi guys ! I know nobody’s gonna read this but still hey if anyone’s see this.

I used to do blogging almost every week back then. Like 3 or 4 years ago. I stop blogging cause I don’t have anything to blog (I guess). I have a great life I’m so blessed and I like to keep that to myself or with people I love. But hey I’m in the mood for some daily blog !

So today I spent most of my time in my bed, finished some assignments and just watching youtube. I have this heavy headache and I knew something was up. Apparently I just got my period this night (well that explains a lot to my mood swings and crazy appetite). Now I got cramp,uh. But that’s okaaay cause I find today is pretty much a good day. And why is that ? 

Last night I had to finished my observation reports. What was making that so much harder since I’m not a night person-like at all. I’m a super morning person. You give piles of works, I’ll do it more quickly and even super fast in the morning. But working in late night—-uh… Then someone knocked my door and left a bag of warm food. It’s martabak !

My boyfriend, sweet sweet boyfriend drove more than a hour at night just to give me food to accompanied me. That’s so sweet (though his selection of food tots gave me some weight gain in the morning). Oh and yeah he couldn’t see me cause we have rules so he just left it there. Such a sweet person.

Though I had a terrible morning and heavy headache all day, he’s still the reason why I smile from ear to ear today. I couldn’t say “Thank you, Alhamdulillah jazakallahu khoiro” enough. :)

see you in next daily blog (if I have the mood) 

Pertama kali nyoba digital painting. aih susah banget, harus dua kali gagal baru akhirnya bisa ada bentuknya. belum puas banget sama ini. Ga simetris errgh tapi ya lumayan alhamdulillah untuk latian seharian. dududuu~

Get fancy

"My momma taught me good home training, my daddy taught me how to love my haters, my sister told me I should speak my mind, my man make me feel g*****n fine." -flawless song from beyonce. Addicted !


Finally this is it, 2014 comes, new chapter begins. I love 2013 ! new friends, new environment, 2013 was a great year for me and I wish you had a great one too.

Like any other year people making their version of yearly resolutions, includes me. But honestly I never succeeded achieving any my own yearly goals. And surprisingly there always great things happens that I didn’t even expect before, so I’m very grateful for 2013. This year might be a little different. I don’t set up any goals, I just want 3 things to do, to feel, to be in 2014 which are I want to be happy, healthy and upgrade my capabilities more. And its not even just for me. I want people around me, family, friends, future friends in 2014 will be happy and healthy. 

And hopefully 2014 will be the year I finally have my second degree. 

It’s been a really long time since I pretty much absent in social media and blogging. I wish I could post more illustrations into this blog in the future. I’m so excited to practice drawing more and more. 

Welcome 2014, I wish you all have a wonderful year ahead. :)

Have a nice barokah day !


Good days come from gratitude

Long long way to go

yes, I still got long way to go, but at least i have fun ! 

Happy birthday ! @meirinafr ! i love you, we love you ! MUAKHHH!

Happy birthday @madelFZ :* wishing you all the best !