Random thoughts : Cool Dudes Who Refuse to Cover Their dark Circles

Matther Gray Gubler and Dane Dehaan make dark circles and eye bag way too cool. Not a fan of zombie movies but definitely looking forward to their new series “Life After Beth” #fangirlmodeON

Having love and hate relationship with my dark circles. 

Just..one..casual day. (in my head tho)

"Break The Shell"

I met a prophet dark as the night
She could see into my soul
Said she’d been watching and had some advice
She said shadows make you whole
A life without pain is a wolf in sheep’s clothes
Cause if you listen to the lessons that it holds
You’ll find the gold

I can remember when I was a child
How the grown folks seemed so crazy
Why are they so angry, why are they so loud?
And when I grow up that’s never ever gonna be me
That was the moment that I decide
That I would build a wall just shy of six feet tall
Too strong to fall

Child it’s time to break the shell
Life’s gonna hurt but it’s meant to be felt
You cannot touch the sky from inside yourself
You cannot fly until you break the shell

Courage is not being hard
It’s time to peel back all of the layers
You put between who You’re meant to be
And who You are
And go be who You are

So much disappointment to finally understand
That there is no such thing as perfect
Were all simply doing the best that we can
And we have a choice to live or truly be alive

(This is your life)

Child it’s time to break the shell
Life’s gonna hurt but it’s meant to be felt
You cannot touch the sky from inside yourself
You cannot fly until You break the shell

Child it’s time to break the shell
Life’s gonna hurt but it’s meant to be felt
You cannot touch the sky from inside yourself
A bird cannot fly until it breaks the shell

Do with these words what you will
It’s time for us to be for real
You’ll be stuck on the ground until
You finally break the shell
-India Arie-
Love this woman, I listen to her through both good times and rough times. I grew up with her songs, and still a big fan. Its time to break the shell~~

Black widow, baby ;)

Sit with me, lets talk about our twisted faith and be grateful for that.

Finishing this took me for hours and skipping lunch. Kinna like the way it turns out. But gotta practice more on that face !

Planning on making some fashion illustration for one full collection. Hopefully I can get it done. whoop whoop.

Daily blog: 20 February 2014-Mostly in bed

Hi guys ! I know nobody’s gonna read this but still hey if anyone’s see this.

I used to do blogging almost every week back then. Like 3 or 4 years ago. I stop blogging cause I don’t have anything to blog (I guess). I have a great life I’m so blessed and I like to keep that to myself or with people I love. But hey I’m in the mood for some daily blog !

So today I spent most of my time in my bed, finished some assignments and just watching youtube. I have this heavy headache and I knew something was up. Apparently I just got my period this night (well that explains a lot to my mood swings and crazy appetite). Now I got cramp,uh. But that’s okaaay cause I find today is pretty much a good day. And why is that ? 

Last night I had to finished my observation reports. What was making that so much harder since I’m not a night person-like at all. I’m a super morning person. You give piles of works, I’ll do it more quickly and even super fast in the morning. But working in late night—-uh… Then someone knocked my door and left a bag of warm food. It’s martabak !

My boyfriend, sweet sweet boyfriend drove more than a hour at night just to give me food to accompanied me. That’s so sweet (though his selection of food tots gave me some weight gain in the morning). Oh and yeah he couldn’t see me cause we have rules so he just left it there. Such a sweet person.

Though I had a terrible morning and heavy headache all day, he’s still the reason why I smile from ear to ear today. I couldn’t say “Thank you, Alhamdulillah jazakallahu khoiro” enough. :)

see you in next daily blog (if I have the mood) 

Pertama kali nyoba digital painting. aih susah banget, harus dua kali gagal baru akhirnya bisa ada bentuknya. belum puas banget sama ini. Ga simetris errgh tapi ya lumayan alhamdulillah untuk latian seharian. dududuu~

Get fancy

"My momma taught me good home training, my daddy taught me how to love my haters, my sister told me I should speak my mind, my man make me feel g*****n fine." -flawless song from beyonce. Addicted !